Thursday, April 29, 2010


Icarus has come between me and the sun
His void is a wasteland
An ethereal longitude
All things shall pass

At home with the sweat
Drip from his concerned brow
But fearless

It is an opera of hoops and hollers
That keeps Hektor
That nothing is O K
Constant threat and change

That he is constantly inadequate
Constantly at odds
And constantly tested by
The men in white coats and their
Spears and shields

This is peace of mind in war
Fear dwells in the dust
And apathy
So let it not settle

Be not content with the music
Sirens oh the sirens
It is not cute and there is no solace in it
Vapid charybdis hides in these crystalline waters

I can hear their whispers
A temptationless whisper is a howling feral dog
I float above behind my (e)yes

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